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27 November, 2021

Top 5 Custom Baseball Cap Styles

There have been many embellishments to the humble baseball cap over the years, so we thought we’d go through five of the most popular styles of baseball caps on the market today.

  1. Heavy Brushed Cotton Caps: This is the most popular fabric and probably still the most popular style of baseball cap for branding. Usually, they are six panels, and the cotton is popular because it is durable but easy to wear and not irritating for the head. There are also plenty of low profile velcro or buckle closures and sewn or metal eyelets.

  2. Trucker Caps: These originated in the 1960s and got their name because they were mainly used as promotional giveaways from farming and feed supply companies to the people that helped deliver the stock to the store – the truck drivers. The front section is made of foam, so that is why it is much easier to print rather than embroider, and the back is usually a plastic mesh. They are normally tall in the front, which also increases the branding area, and they stand up stiff and straight. There have been embellishments to make them trendier over the years, but the style first born in the 1960s is still the most popular.

  3. Snapback Caps: Although this style was first around in the 1950s, it wasn’t until the 1990s they became popular and are now considered a fashion statement. You will see icons on the movie screen and sports people all wearing this style of cap. Traditionally a flat, wide brim gives it a distinctive look we’ve all grown accustomed to, and you get it now in a vast array of fabrics, colours and optional finishes.

  4. Sports Caps: These usually incorporate mesh fabric of some kind in the design. The thinking behind this is it allows more air to come through, letting the head breathe. When caps are fully enclosed, they can become hot to wear. The mesh backings or sides allow for air movement and a more comfortable fit. That is why they are popular with sportspeople or anyone doing vigorous outdoor activities.

  5. Six Panel Baseball Caps: This is the stock standard when it comes to baseball caps. You can get them in many fabrics, including cotton, chino, wool, suede, microfibre, polyester and more, but the six panels are the tradition. It’s been found that this makes the cap the sturdiest possible and allows it to keep its shape better. Some people don’t like them for branding because the front panel has a seam running down the middle that can be hard to embroider; however, for the purists, the six-panel is it. There have been some designs with five panels which allow for no seam on the front, thus giving a better branding area and finish, but they haven’t caught on in the market as much.

The five styles above may be the biggest sellers, but it certainly doesn’t exhaust the list of options when it comes to baseball caps. There are always innovative and exciting changes in the fashion colours and shapes of caps. That’s what makes them so appealing, but tradition never hurts, so you can’t go wrong in purchasing one of the styles above for your next promotion.

The Caps Only Team