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22 March, 2022

Size Things Up By Measuring Your Hat Size

Ever wondered what your head size is? Are you buying a cap that isn’t a one-size-fits-all and you need to know how big your head is? Please no jokes here if it is the boss’s head we are measuring. There are a couple of steps to take to make sure you get the measurement right, so let’s go through them.

Firstly, you need something to measure with. The obvious item to use would be a tape measure. If you can get a cloth one as they are much easier to bend around your head, plus they are a lot softer. We don’t want any nasty cuts on our forehead. If you don’t have a cloth tape measure, don’t despair. Grab a piece of string. It will do the trick just as well as a tape measure.

Okay, once you have our measuring device, you need to measure the widest part of your head. Where is that you ask? It’s where the bottom edge of your hat will rest. It is usually a little above the eyebrows or a fraction above the ears. Wrap either your tape measure or a piece of string around your head. Once it wraps around and joins you need to take the measurement. As you can’t see it, the easiest is to stand in front of a mirror to check the distance. If you are using a piece of string, grab a pair of scissors and cut the string where it meets. You can then put this down on a table and measure it with a ruler.

That’s it. You now know how big your head is. I hope it’s not too shocking! After this you can look up your measurements on a hat sizing chart online to get your exact size, or to make it easier, we’ve also listed it below.

Head SizeHat Size

Bear in mind the above is very general. Different cap manufacturers may vary their sizes from the above, so check with them first before ordering. Some can run sizes 1 to 2 variants either larger or smaller to the above example.

In regards to the fit itself, there are a few things that the cap should do for you to ensure it is the right fit. Firstly, make sure it is not too tight. You should be able to get a finger between your cap and forehead, otherwise, it could be too tight. The opposite is also true You don’t want it too loose or you will lose it on that first windy day. The brim should sit under your eyebrows. Any lower and you won’t be able to see properly.

It doesn’t take long to check your capsize and it is worth the effort. A well-fitting cap will give you months of comfortable wearing, so take the time before you order your next lot of custom caps.

The Caps Only Team